Achieving early market penetration and sales expansion.

Supporting the sales expansion in international markets.

Clients: Japanese Food Companies.

 In 2019, Visual Tokyo has introduced several Japanese brands and companies to Europe and Asia. 


Case 1: A long-established seasoning company


 We've been responsible to conduct international business for the Japanese company with more than 100 years of history. We started with field research in Paris and succeeded in establishing a business relationship within three months by conducting sales at French-run high-end restaurants, giving presentations to wholesalers in various countries, and participating in trade shows. We helped them international debut from developing an overall international strategy and achieved early market penetration and sales expansion in Europe and Southeast Asia.


・Participated in the food exhibition, "Salon Saveurs" in Paris.

・Established continuous commercial distribution to three luxury distributors in Paris.

・Used in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris.

・Established commercial distribution to Vietnam.

・Built a long term relationships with distributors in the UK, Switzerland and Japan.


Case 2: A fine food company producing high quality of Japanese food


 We were entrusted with a project to develop a sales channel, mainly the luxury hotel markets and Michelin starred restaurants. It was a difficult task, as it was a high-class foodstuff, but eventually we succeeded in building commercial distribution to high-class hotels in Tokyo and improving brand recognition in Japan and abroad.


・Researched export conditions.

・Roadshow of products to Michelin starred restaurants in Paris.

・Built long-term relationships and commercial distribution to foreign 5-star hotels in Japan.

・Executed online sales promotion campaigns.

・Designed promotional materials in English.



 Our activities include market research, finding foreign partners, finding prospective buyers, sales representation, contract negotiations, trade support, and PR activities. If you are considering expanding your business overseas, please feel free to contact us.