Visual Tokyo's HAPPY BAG is out!!

VISUAL TOKYO MART has released the "HAPPY BAG of Lace Mask"!


The set includes 3 face masks.

1st moon mask: Rose Pink 

2nd moon mask: Please choose the color from pink, blue, or pink beige.

3rd pleated mask: color will be random.

Price:5,000 JPY (tax in.)


1st moon mask: Rose Pink 


The "Moon Mask" is a three-dimensional mask with a crescent-shaped curve that is designed to make your profile look beautiful.

The second moon mask comes in your choice of pink, blue, or pink-beige.

    The third mask is a secret. You can enjoy it after you open the package.

    The new "Moon Mask" is on sale now. We are also restocking sold-out items.

    This NEW moon mask has a cute green checkered pattern!


     The sold-out Moon Mask collection is now back in stock and available for pre-order.