Mask Donation Project

We, VISUAL TOKYO have donated a total of about 100 cloth face masks made by our staff and cooperative factories to the following two organizations.

(1) ”Miyazaki Children's Future Network”, which conducts support activities for children in Miyazaki Prefecture.

(2) ”Former Shitsu Aid Center”, which is one of world cultural heritages related to the hidden christian in the Nagasaki region.

 Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have been looking for something we can do to help and decided to make lovely face masks that will blow away any negative feelings we may have. Finally, we would like to announce that we were able to deliver such kawaii masks to 2 organizations in August, 2020.


・"Miyazaki Children's Future Network" based in Miyazaki Prefecture.

・"Former Shitsu Aid Center" based in Nagasaki.


 We hope to continue  the mask donation until the situation has been calm down. Thus, a portion of our sales is used for this charity. We look forward to your warm supports.