Mask Donation. Letters from Nagasaki & Miyazaki Prefecture.

1. Mask Donation for hidden Christians.

 We, VISUAL TOKYO donated 50 cloth face masks to "Former Shitsu Aid Center" which is famous for the heritage of hidden Christians in Nagasaki prefecture.

Letter from Nagasaki Prefecture.

We are very happy to receive the warm message and pictures from "Former Shitsu Aid Center". Thank you very much for your warm messages.


Donation of masks!
We received wonderful masks from Visual Tokyo Com Co., Ltd. It's very refreshing and comfortable to talk to while showing our guests around, without getting damp. We received 50 of them, and we also gave them to the guides of the Nagasaki sightseeing bus, who specialize in sightseeing bus tours for hidden Christians and Father de Rotz. We are very happy.


Our activity was written in their blog. Thank you for sharing it.

Former Shitsu Aid Center Blog


About "Former Shitsu Aid Center".

 The " Former Shitsu Aid Center" was established in 1883 by a French priest, Father Marco Marie de Roe. He brought various equipments from his homeland in France and supported local people achieve economic independence  by creating industries such as cotton weaving, food manufacturing like macaroni and pasta, which were rare at the time. In the way, the "Former Shitsu Aid Center" was a place where the people living in the Sotome area of Nagasaki absorbed various technologies from Europe and worked hard to establish it as an industry. 

 Today, while carrying on the spirit of Father de Roe, the local people produce and sell special products such as "De Roe Sama Somen" and "De Roe Sama's Blue Tea". In addition, as a symbolic place expressing the history of "hiding Christians", it has been designated as a national cultural asset and attracts tourists from outside the prefecture.

 We would like to visit there someday!

2. Mask Donation for Miyazaki Future Children's Network.

 We are pleased to announce that Visual Tokyo Com Co., Ltd. has donated 40 cloth face masks to "Miyazaki Future Children's Network", which is supporting poor children to become independent, in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Letter from Miyazaki Prefecture.

 We are very happy to receive the warm message from them!

( the Translation of the Quotation ↓ )

Thank you very much for your support. We received a donation of masks from the Visual Tokyo Com Co., Ltd from Tokyo. They are running in the apparel and cosmetic business by doing various collaborations. Those masks are made from cute fabric that make us feel good! We will use them for our children. Thank you very much.

About "Miyazaki Future Children's Network".

 The "Miyazaki Future Children's Network" provides food and learning support for economically disadvantaged children in Miyazaki Prefecture. By bringing together a number of organizations from the government, schools and the private enterprises, they have achieved to support the future of children in a multidimensional way.

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All of us from VISUALTOKYO are very happy to donate face masks to such a worthwhile organization. We will continue to donate cloth masks to various communities and organizations in the future. We would be grateful for your support.