"MOON MASK" was out !!

Visual Tokyo's "MOON MASK", which is a new three-dimensional mask, was out on November 19 !


"MOON MASK"  is a three-dimensional mask with a crescent-like curve that makes your profile look beautiful. We focused on patterns that brighten up your face, such as dotted and checkered patterns. A suede-like string must make your look gorgeous.

"MOON FACE MASK SET" includes 4 masks.

 To celebrate the release of the MOON MASK, we will be selling a MOON FACE MASK SET. If you purchase this set from our Moon Mask line here, you will get an ear saver. 


 Ear Saver with a bow
The ear saver is a product that fastens behind your head to prevent the mask strings from hurting the back of your ears. The simple, office-appropriate ear saver is one of popular products from Visual Tokyo!

See our press release! (Only in Japanese.)