The Princess Mask Set is now available!


We have a new release starting September 30, 2020!

 The first is a "Princess Mask Set" that includes a "Lovely Mask Chain" that can be enjoyed as if it were an accessory and a "Lace Mask WITH Ribbon" that is inspired by a princess' dress.


"The Princess Mask Set" (Mask Chain Ver.)プリンセスのマスクセット


1. "Lovely Mask Chain"
 You can hang it around your neck just like a chain of glasses, even if you have to take off your mask temporarily. It can be worn as an accessory as well, as the one point decoration is placed at the back of the neck.

2. "Lace Mask WITH Ribbon"
 This pleated mask is inspired by a princess' dress from a fairy tale. By wearing it with the mask chain, you'll have the perfect mask coordination from every angle!

We're also bringing you these other new sets!

 Our popular "Ear Saver with Angel's Rose" and "Lace Mask WITH Ribbon", which is based on the image of a princess' dress, will go on sale at the same time as the "Princess Mask Set".

"The Princess Mask Set" (Ear Saver Ver.)


1. "Ear Saver with Angel's Rose"
 The ear saver is a product that fastens behind your head to prevent the mask strap from hurting the back of your ears. With its magical girl-like colors and cute angel wings, it's a popular item at Visual Tokyo Mart!

2. "Lace Mask WITH Ribbon"
 This pleated mask is inspired by a princess' dress and fits gently on your face. You can use it in combination with the ear saver for an even more gorgeous look.

Please check out our press release! (Only in Japanese.)